# Getting Started

Welcome to DCP!

Distributed Compute Protocol is a powerful Javascript framework for deploying parallel computing projects. Using DCP client, anyone, anywhere, is just a few lines of code away from deploying a job to a distributed supercomputer.

# DCP First Devs Program

NOTE: You currently cannot deploy any jobs on DCP unless you are part of our Early Developer Preview program.

As of May 2020 we are inviting a limited set of developers into this program. If you would like to be part of our First Dev cohort, visit https://dcp.dev/ and sign up!

# Tutorials

  1. Developer Guide: If you want a more comprehensive walkthrough on how to install dcp-client, setup an account, and deploy your first job on dcp.
  2. Quick Start: For more experienced developers who want a quick and easy way to deploy a job with dcp-client.

# Documentation & Community