(async) dcp/wallet.IdKeystore()

Subclass of Keystore


# async new IdKeystore()

See Keystore constructor for documentation on all the ways to call this constructor.



# async getPrivateKey() → {module:dcp/wallet.PrivateKey}

Returns private key, may prompt for password. If you need this you're probably doing something wrong.

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# isLocked() → {boolean}

Is the keystore presently locked?

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# isUnlocked() → {boolean}

Is the keystore presently unlocked?

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# lock()

Lock the Keystore, the private key is no longer accessible without password entry.

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# toJSON()

Generate JSON object literal representation of this keystore. This can later be passed to the constructor to generate a new Keystore object.

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# async unlock(passphraseopt, lockTimerDuration, autoResetopt)

This method unlocks the Keystore object for either a single use or a given amount of time. When the object is unlocked, getPrivateKey and related operations do not need to ask for a passphrase, as the private key is "remembered" internally. If time is not specified, the object will be immediately locked after the next call to getPrivateKey; otherwise, it will remain unlocked until the timer runs out.

When the unlock timer is running, calling unlock can have multiple effects. In all cases the current running timer will be increased to lockTimerDuration if that will increase the time left.

  1. If the autoReset flag is true for this invocation, the autoReset duration is updated only if it will be increased. Thus autoReset is a sticky setting, it can be turned on but not off (except by locking)
  2. If the autoReset flag is false for this invocation, the current unlock duration is increased, but the autoReset duration remains the same.
Name Type Attributes Description
passphrase string <optional>

Passphrase to unlock keystore. If null|undefined, passphrasePrompt function is invoked to solicit it from the user if the keystore is not already unlocked.

lockTimerDuration number

Number of seconds to keep keystore unlocked for. Intended to implement features like sudo

autoReset boolean <optional>

Flag to determine if unlock timer should reset on subsequent calls.

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Error with code "KS_NOT_UNLOCKED" when keystore could not be unlocked.