# Support

If you get stuck developing with DCP, there are lots of ways that you can reach out for help.

# Slack

You might want to start by joining our the Distributed Compute Protocol Slack team. Here's an invite link. Then you can start chatting in the #dev-connection channel which is linked to our internal Slack team and have a direct line to the dev team!

# Discourse Forum

Another option is to hop into our forum where discussions are organized by topic and saved for later reference: ask.dcp.dev.

# Stack Overflow

Of course, if you put a question up on Stack Overflow the team will try to respond there as well along with the rest of the worldwide developer community. If you have enough reputation to make a dcp tag, let us know 😅.

# Contact

For research and education inquiries info@distributed.computer
For business and enterprise inquiries info@kingsds.network