Contact the team

If you get stuck while using DCP - or just want to say hello - there are several channels for you to contact the team.

Support Hours

The team is active during Eastern Time daylight hours (USA & Canada). If the team doesn’t get your note during this time, expect them to get back to you as soon as possible.

On Slack

The first place you can try is the official Slack channel for DCP. Here’s an invite link to get you connected. Then you can start chatting in the #dev-connection channel which the core developers keep a close eye on. Any questions you ask in here should receive an answer in a couple of hours at most.

On Stack Overflow

If you put a question up on the Stack Overflow with the dcp tag, expect someone from the team to respond (along with the rest of DCP’s worldwide developer community).

By email

For research, education, and non-profit inquiries, or if you have a development question and prefer email, reach the team at

If you are a business with complex, expensive computational tasks, the team at Distributive is happy to lower your bill. Send them an email at