This module is only necessary in environments with require.

You must initialize using one of the below methods to prepare the dcp-client library.

The dcp-client library is the official client library for the Distributive Compute Protocol (DCP). This library allows client applications to communicate with the Scheduler, Bank, and other parts of a DCP network. This library is re-distributable with other programs under the terms of the MIT license.


The source code for this library is online on GitHub, and the installation package is available via npm. The DCP-Client code can run in almost any JavaScript environment which supports ES5 and XMLHttpRequest. The officially supported platforms are:

  • Node.js version 12 (LTS)

  • BravoJS, latest version

  • Vanilla Web - no module system at all


To use DCP from Node.js, you need to npm i dcp-client from your project’s source directory, which updates your package.json, making this library a dependency of your app.


To use the DCP Client library from a plain vanilla web platform, you must make the contents of the npm package visible to your web app.