Web tutorials

These tutorials show how to build DCP apps run from the browser. This is ideal when you need a user interface.

Tutorial descriptions

toUpperCase on DCP

This is a good first tutorial. It splits a string into its individual characters, and workers capitalize those characters in parallel. You wouldn’t distribute this, but it demonstrates DCP code.

Array Mapping with DCP This multiplies a list of numbers by 2 in parallel. You wouldn’t distribute this, but it shows DCP with little text. For the hands-on learner.

Distributed Sorting

A longer tutorial with involved input/result processing. It splits a list of integers into chunks, and has workers sort the chunks in parallel. Once the chunks have returned, the program merges them into one sorted list. Since the chunks are already sorted, they merge with a greedy algorithm.


You need:

  • Your favourite text editor

  • A web browser