The Distributive Compute Protocol

Welcome to the documentation for the Distributive Compute Protocol (DCP)!

DCP is a fast, secure, and powerful parallel computing platform built on web technology. With a handful of lines of code, one can harness the power of a supercomputer without any orchestration.

DCP breaks large compute workloads into small slices, computes them in parallel on different devices, and returns the results to the client.

It’s simplest to use DCP on JavaScript projects, but Python is experimentally supported as well. (Reach out if that’s of interest, DCP developers would love to help point you in the right direction!)

While DCP is an emerging technology, it’s constantly improving and including more applications and tool-chains. If you have an idea for using DCP in your projects, please reach out.

What’s Next?


All modules (other than dcp-client) become available after completion of one of the dcp-client initialization functions.

const compute = require('dcp/compute');

Web Browser

All modules are available in the global dcp object after importing the dcp-client script.

<script src=""></script>
  const { compute } = dcp;


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